Melbourne Model Railway Society


Welcome to the world of model railways, where miniature locomotives and meticulously crafted railway systems come to life. The Melbourne Model Railway Society (MMRS) is the perfect community for train enthusiasts. Established in Melbourne, Australia, the MMRS brings together passionate individuals dedicated to model railway construction and operation. Members create miniature worlds showcasing the rich histories and landscapes of Victorian railways.

The MMRS fosters social interaction and camaraderie among its diverse members. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer, the society offers a welcoming environment to connect with like-minded people. You can network, exchange ideas, and learn from fellow enthusiasts.

The MMRS embraces the rich tapestry of railway heritage, from iconic steam trains to modern electric locomotives.

If you love trains and seek like-minded individuals, the MMRS is the perfect destination for a captivating journey through model railways.