Communication between stations on the mainline of the layout is by means of bell codes using a tapper situated on the operating panel of each station.  The protocol for the bell codes is described below, where the bell code signifies a train type, use the following table to find the appropriate code.

Bell codes for Train Types (Train-Type)

Train Type Bell Code

Express Passenger


Local Passenger


Rail Motor


Express Freight


Local Freight


Light Engine




Beginning of session



Signal Box Open


Used before any operations commence to indicate that the station is manned and responsive, await confirmation sequence.


Departing Train

Call-to-Attention (destination station) 1

Call to Attention the next station master and await confirmation before next bell notice.

Train Bell Code


Using the timetable to identify the departing train use the appropriate Train Type code and await confirmation. The receiving Station Master sets the signals.

Train Departing



Providing that the signals are set to green and it is the departure time, start the train and when the rear of the train passes the departure signal, bell the Train Departing code and await confirmation.

Train Arrived (at destination)




When the train arrives at the destination, the other Station Master will send the Train Arrived code.  Respond with the Train Arrived Code and set the throttle to off.

Arriving Train


1: Call-to-Attention


The sending Station Master will give you Call to Attention, respond with a Call-to-Attention.

2: Train Bell Code


The other Station Master will bell the Type of Train that is being sent, check on your timetable to see if it matches the Train Type of the train you are expecting and if correct respond with the same Train Type Code.  Set the signals between the sending station and your station.

3: Train Departing


When the train has passed the departure signal of the departing station, the Station Master will bell the Train Departing code.   Respond with the Train Departing code to acknowledge the train's departure.

4: Train Arrived




After the last vehicle of the train has passed the home signal, bell the Train Arrived code and set the throttle to off.


End of session


Signal Box Closed


When all train movements have finished for the session at this station, bell the Station Box Closed to tell the other Station Master that no further trains will be sent or received.





Repeat Signal


When sent, asks the other Station Master to repeat the previous bell code.  When received is asking for you to repeat the previous bell code.

Train Required to stop in section


When sent or received indicates that the train driver (or Station Master controlling the train) halts it at the red signal in the section.

Train Waiting


When received indicates that there is a train in the section awaiting a proceed signal.

Line Obstruction


When received indicates that there is a derailment or other obstruction on the line.

Train Cancelled


When received indicates that the previously advised train has been cancelled.