Layout Schematic


The club layout consists of a main line running from Allandale to Glen Evans with regional branch lines from Walgate to Altham and Billegulla to Bryansford.  Engineering facilities exist at Brisbane Yard adjacent to Allandale.

A bypass is incorporated that allows trains from St Aubyn to travel directly to Billegulla bypassing the two termini and enabling a circular operation of the layout.



Allandale is a major city on the coast and is serviced by a port for the import and export of materials such as coal, cereals, and containerised goods.
The railway provides wharf facilities, goods yards and a passenger terminal.
Access to Brisbane yard allows locomotive fueling, stabling and engineering services.
All trains depart towards St Aubyn.

St Aubyn


St Aubyn is an industrial town inland from Allandale.
Industries around St Aubyn are predominantly engineering.  An oil refinery processes imported oil into fuels for industry and transport.
The manufacturers use the railway to bring raw materials into the factory and dispatch products to other locations.



Robinvale is a small country town with mixed industrial and agricultural industries.

A local cement factory requires raw materials to create both bulk and bagged cement for transporting to other locations for the building industry.

As a through station, trains arrive and depart from/to St Aubyn and from/to Walgate.



Walgate is a medium sized country town.  It is the junction of the Allandale to Glen Evans Main line with the Branch line to Altham.

Located in a forestry region it has a paper mill using wood pulp for the production of newspaper and other paper products.  Raw materials are brought in and paper products dispatched by rail.

A small yard allows trains arriving from Robinvale, Billegulla and Altham to be assembled and reversed as required.

The passenger terminal has three platforms, two for the mainline services and one for branch line services.

Bank Box Loop


Bank Box Loop on the route between Walgate and Billegulla allows trains to pass on the long single line run between the two stations.

Additionally a head shunt enables trains from either station to reverse.




Billegulla is a medium sized agricultural centre and the junction of the Allendale to Glen Evans Main line with the Branch line to Bryansford.

Cereal, Livestock and dairy products from the Bryansford region are transported through the Billegulla goods yard and there are holding facilities for these.  A foundry produces iron and steel products from raw materials brought in by road and rail.

Passenger services for the mainline are catered for on a single platform and those for the Bryansford branch by and extension of the mainline platform.

Glen Evans


Glen Evans is the terminus station on the mainline.  All trains arrive from Billegulla.

The city of Glen Evans is a center for minor manufacturing activity but is predominantly a service economy requiring consumables for its population and commuter services for workers.